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Top 10 Mega Projects of India, Under Construction, Infrastructural, Financial, Technological, Smart City Based Mega Projects, Upcoming

Top 10 Mega Projects of India, Upcoming Mega Project of India – Infrastructural, Financial:-

India is the fastest growing Economy of the World. Its GDP is growing by 7.4% rate. This is greater than China’s growth rate of 6.4%. From year 2014 to 2019 India Jump from 10th place to 5th in Nominal GDP. This is so because of the all major decision take place by Indian Government. Top 10 Mega Projects of India is also the key decision. Central Government laid many foundation stone for Mega Project of India.

Top 10 Mega Projects of India, Upcoming Mega Projects of India, Under Construction, Infrastructural, Financial, Technological, Smart City Based Mega Projects   

Top 10 Mega Projects of India – Financial, Infrastructural, Connectivity:-

1. Mumbai Ahmadabad Bullet Train Corridor: –

Ahmedabad – Mumbai Bullet Train Corridor is the under construction project of Bullet Train in India. This project is getting developed by Japan. In which Japan sanctioned 17 Billion USD loan to India at 0.1% interest rate. Bullet train Corridor project construction work is already started in 2018. There is a hope of completion of this project in year 2022. According to contract between two countries, Japan will provide 80 percent cost value as a loan. After its completion, the time gap between Ahmedabad and Mumbai will reduce from 8 Hours to 2 – 3 Hours. The highest speed of the Bullet Train will be 350 Km/H.

2. Pune Mumbai Hyperloop Project: –

Hyperloop Project is the dream project of Space X owner Elon Musk, which will transform the future of transportation. It is an ongoing project and construction is loosely undergoing. After its completion time reach between two cities will reduce to 25 Minutes. Other Top 10 Mega Projects of India will change India’s Future.

3. GIFT City Gujarat: –

GIFT City is the Gujarat International Finance Tech City. It is being built in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad City of Gujarat for Central Business and Financial Hub purposes. PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation of this project during his Chief Ministerial period.

4. World One Tower, Mumbai – World’s Tallest Residential Building: –

World One Tower is the under construction 117 floor residential building of Mumbai, India and its total height is around 1450 Feet. It will turn world’s tallest residential building after its construction. It will complete in year 2019. World One Tower’s construction was started from 2011. Total cost for its construction is 321 Million USD or 2500 Crore Rupees.

5. Bharatmala Project: –

Bharatmala is the road network project of India proposed by Government of India. Its construction and Land Acquisition is already started. In Bharatmala Project nearly all the states will connect though Four Lane Road. Its vision is to build total 83677 Km Highways at the cost of 7 Lakh Crore Rupees all over the India. This project was approved on October 2017 and there is a hope to complete it on 2022. These roads will connect all the major industrial and financial Hubs of India.

6. Statue of Unity – World’s Tallest Statue: –

Statue of Unity is the 182 meter tall statue of the Iron Man. who united whole India together, apart from cultural and language differences – Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Government of India approved this project in 2014 under leadership of PM Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi and Lal Krishna Advani laid the foundation stone of Statue of Unity project in 31st October 2013, when he was Chief Minister of State Gujarat, India. In December 2019, this project was completed and Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is the world’s tallest statue. The height of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue of Unity is equals to the total seats of Gujarat Legislative Assembly.

7. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor: –

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor is one of the biggest industrial corridors in the world. Its length is about 1504 Km. Total cost of this project is around 90 Billion USD. In which various Industry will built. This corridor will pass through 6 States of India. There will be 24 Industrial regions, 8 Smart Cities, Two International Airport, High Speed Rail and 5 Power Projects. This project is the joint venture of Japan and India.

8. North South Transport Corridor: –

North South Transport Corridor is the 7200 Km Long Land and Sea Based Transport corridor. It will be developed by Russia, India and Iran. Other 11 countries are also showed their interest in this project. Due to this project, reach of India to Central Asia and Europe will definitely increase easily through its trading connectivity. This project was started from 2002.

9. Sagarmala Project: –

Its approximate expenditure is around 120 Billion USD. In which new ports will build, reconstruction of ports, Modernization of Ports and 14 New Coastal Economic Zones will be build. Also all the ports will be connected though highways. According to the Economist, Sagarmala Project will boost up to 2 % of Indian GDP and will open thousands of opportunities of Employment. This project is the heartland of Top 10 Mega Projects of India.

10. Vijaywada – Amaravati Hyperloop, Andhra Pradesh: –

Another hyperloop is also planned to run between Capital of Andhra Pradesh i.e. Amaravati and Vijaywada. Hyperloop is the most vibrant project among Top 10 Mega Projects of India List.

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