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Ramayan Serial Star Cast Real Name, Dangal TV Series, Crew Members, Story Plot, Wiki, Timing, Start Date, Pictures, Genre, Images and More

Ramayan Star Cast Real Name, Dangal Television Series, Crew, Wiki, Timing, Genre, Start Date: –

Ramayan is an Indian Mythological television series. It is created by Sagar Art Production. Ramayan Serial Star cast real name actors are Gurmeet Chaudhary, Debina Banerjee, Ankit Arora, Vikram Sharma, Meenakshi Arya, Akhilendra Mishra, Rishabh Sharma, Perin Monish Malde, Jaya Ojha, Pankaj Kalraa, Vije Bhatia, Lalit Negi and More. It was started from 8th April 2018 on free dish channel Dangal TV at 9:00 PM every Monday to Friday. It is produced by Moti Sagar, Prem Sagar and Subhash Sagar under their production house Sagar Films. This series is also available on online platform Youtube channel by the name of Dangal TV. This show is directed by Anand Sagar. Its original released date was 21st January 2008 on NDTV Imagine. Shows running time is 21 minutes approximately. It will be complete in 300 Episode.

Ramayan Serial Star Cast Real Name, Dangal TV Series, Crew Members, Story Plot, Wiki, Timing, Start Date, Pictures, Genre, Images and More

Ramayana’s serial main characters are Lord Rama, Mata Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, Dashrath, Kaushalya, Ravana, Mandodari, Bharat, Shatrughna, Kaikayi, Sumitra, etc.

Ramayan TV Series Cast Name List, Crew Members

Story Plot: –

It is the story of Lord Rama. He is the eldest son of Ayodhya’s King Dashrath. After his father retirement, Rama becomes the King of Ayodhya. But his step mother Kaikayi wanted her son Bharat to become a King of Ayodhya. During their marriage Raja Dashrath gave her 2 promises. She use those promises, First as Lord Rama must go for 14 years exile in forest or Lord Rama should be banished to the forest for fourteen years. And her son Bharat should be the crowned Kin of Ayodhya. With heavy heart Dashrath Keep his promises. Lord Rama also, without any hesitation, accept the exile of 14 years to the forest with his wife Mata Sita and Younger brother Laxman. Whom force come with them.

 Bharat never wanted or even think to become a King but due to his mother Kaikayi, He serves as King of Ayodhya for fourteen years. But he never sat on the throne because he respects Lord Rama as his father figure. He placed Lord Ram’s charan Paduka on the throne for fourteen years. In the forest Rama, Sita and Laxman faces many challenged to survive. Lord Ram and Laxman’s weapon’s for fighting is Bow and Arrow. He is the avatar of lord Vishnu on earth.

Ramayan Show Cast Name List, Dangal TV Serial, Crew Members

Additional Details of Ramayan Serial Star Cast Real Name Show: –

Show Name: – Ramayan

Timing: – 9:00 – 9:30 PM

Days: – Monday to Friday

Production: – Sagar Films

Producer: – Subhash Sagar, Moti Sagar and Prem Sagar

Channel: – Dangal TV

Online: – Dangal TV Youtube Channel

So here we are presenting the cast name list of Ramayana.

Ramayana Star Cast Name List, Crew Members, Images, Picture: –

Ramayan Star
Cast Name
Gurmeet Choudhary Biography
Rishabh Sharma Biography
Rishabh Sharma
Ankit Arora Biography
Ankit Arora
Meenakshi Arya Biography
Meenakshi Arya
Vikram Sharma Biography
Vikram Sharma
Akhilendra Mishra Biography
Jaya Ojha Biography
Jaya Ojha
Ashok Banthia Biography
Ashok Banthia
Punkaj Kalraa Biodata
Punkaj Kalraa
Vije Bhatia Biography
Vije Bhatia
Lalit Negi Biography
Lalit Negi
Rajni Chandra Biography
Rajni Chandra
Hemakshi Ujjain Biography
Hemakshi Ujjain
Sangeeta Kapure Biography
Sangeeta Kapure
Vinod Kapoor Biography
Vinod Kapoor
Praphulla Pandey Biography
Praphulla Pandey
Rakesh Deewana Biography
Rakesh Deewana
Manish Arora Biography
Manish Arora
Arun Mathur Biography
Arun Mathur
Brownie Parashar Biography
Brownie Parashar
Raman Khatri Biography
Raman Khatri
Romanch Mehta Biography
Romanch Mehta
Nitin Joshi Biography
Nitin Joshi
Milind Soman Biography
Milind Soman
Amit Pachori Biography
Amit Pachori
Radha Krishna Dutt Biography
Radha Krishna
Falguni Rajani Biography
Falguni Rajani
Crew Members: -
Producers - Moti Sagar
Subhash Sagar
Prem Sagar

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